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Summer 2017

By Lucas Ruel • Schulich Leader at Université de Montréal
Fall 2017

I spent a wonderful summer 2017. I did a two months trip in Europe and I visited seven countries. I like adventures and I did the most of camping I could during the trip. I was carrying a large 80-liter capacity backpack and I filled it with more than 30 pounds of camping gear like a tent, a camping mattress, a tarpaulin and a sleeping bag. I kept a little space to store my clothes and everyday things. I spent half of the journey in Croatia and Italy. During the other month, I visited Vienna in Austria, Prague in Czech republic, Munich and the German Bavaria, Geneva in Switzerland, Mont Blanc, Annecy and Paris in France. I have a lot of highlights in this trip and I strongly recommend this journey route at all of you who want to visit the Europe. Firstly, renting a scooter at Florence to ride across the Tuscany is a must. Of course, you will love their wine and the landscapes are amazing. Secondly, the whole city of Rome is like an open-air museum. However, Vatican museum with the Sistine Chapel is a must. Thirdly, the Amalfi Coast is incredible, but there are a lot of tourists so try to avoid the big tourist places. Fourthly, Dubrovnik in Croatia and Vieste in Italy are heart stokes, they are perfect places to spend his vacation. Also, in Croatia, you should go on some of its islands, it is really nice. Vienna is one of my favorite cities that I visited and I really liked to rent a car to ride in German Bavaria. It is just some flashes this great adventure. All was wonderful, thank you to the Schulich foundation for allowing me to live great adventures last summer.

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