Coming Out of Hibernation

By Lance Pitka • Schulich Leader at University of Saskatchewan
Spring 2014

Ah, Spring is finally here and the harsh Saskatchewan Winter is behind us. Now that the province is in an overall good mood, itis a good time to reflect on the past semester of school.

2014 had an ambitious start when I traveled to Edmonton in January to compete in the Western Engineering Competition (WEC) Junior Design challenge. We were given a set of materials to "buy", then design a system to complete the given challenge in a cost effective manner. It was a great experience for learning, building leadership, and also making contacts with new friends from across western Canada. How did we place in the competition you might ask? Oddly enough, I can't seem to remember who finished first...

Upon returning from WEC and catching up on nearly a week of missed school work (somehow), I resumed my work with the Robotics Club. I have really enjoyed being a part of the club, and it has given me a better idea of where I want to go with my career. Initially I didn't know the first thing about a microprocessor. By the end of the winter term, I had a complete design for my robot and now a month into summer I have my first fully functional robot (call me nerdy, but I am proud of it!).

As far as classes went, I did well and enjoyed them all very much, which made this year quite enjoyable. In particular, I enjoyed my digital electronics class above all others, which tied in quite nicely to my robotics design. Over the next two years, I decided to take classes in both power and energy, and digital signal processing and applications. From there, only my imagination is the limit.

This summer I am working as a research assistant here at the U of S in the Numerical Simulation Laboratory. I am working on a number of projects, one of which involves creating a digital model of the Resistivity Method used in Geophysics, and investigating different errors associated with the method. Also this summer I am playing on a slow pitch team, I am taking a six week night class, and I am registered to compete in the Spartan race in Calgary this August.

In summary, I had another successful year, and I continue to strive to make Seymour Schulich proud to name me as a Schulich Leader.