Erin Puersten

Schulich Leader

McMaster University

High School: Clarington Central Secondary School

Nominated by Bernard Pegutter

Bowmanville, ON

What undergraduate program are you enrolled in?
What is your favourite inspirational quote?
"Anyone so complacent as to assume that after a failure he will have another opportunity will seldom make much of a success of his life" -Gichin Funakoshi
What is a little known fact about you?
I am classically trained on the violin and have played with the La Jeunesse Youth Orchestra for 5 years; however I have also played and been recorded for two albums: Inversions by D Michael Harris (look up "Requiem for Septimus Warren Smith" on Youtube!) and Basement by Eleanor Shore.
Why do you make a great Schulich Leader?
I make a great Schulich Leader because I consider every day a new beginning. It doesn't matter how hard I worked yesterday; today, I must work even harder. I bring this mentality into everything I do so that I can motivate myself and others towards success. I have seen my influence motivating others changing lives around me and that is why I am proud to call myself a Schulich Leader. After all, isn't the true show of a leader the impact they have on those around them?

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