Success and Challenges at the University of Manitoba

Summer 2015

Ella Thomson

Schulich Leader at University of Manitoba

My second year in the faculty of engineering at the University of Manitoba was an exciting one! As a student in the department of electrical engineering, I took a variety of interesting and challenging courses, including electronics, microprocessing systems and modern physics. I continued with my position as a club instructor for women in science and engineering. Throughout the year, I planned field trips and science experiments to expose girls to the field of science! I was involved as secretary on the University of Manitoba Engineering Society, and this year I will be taking on the position of Vice Stick Finance. I continued my work with Engineers Without Borders as a student volunteer and co-head of communications. I was also appointed as secretary of the University of Manitoba Engineering and Renewable Technology Hub, a new student group focusing on implementing sustainable engineering practices on campus and in the community. This February, I was honoured to be recognized as a U of M Emerging Leader, and to be featured in the U of M alumni magazine, “On Manitoba”. I received an NSERC grant to conduct research this summer in a biomedical engineering lab at St. Boniface Hospital Research Centre. I am currently working on developing a computer program, which will model mitochondrial behavior. I am looking forward to the rest of my research term and to continuing my studies in electrical engineering.