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A Hat Trick: NHL Future Goals, Toronto Maple Leafs & Schulich Leaders

Friday, February 9, 2018 - Lambton Kingsway Junior/Middle School:

Part of the NHL's contribution to education is through a unique partnership with Everfi, an Ed-Tech company that provides STEM based software to middle and secondary schools across Canada to help students build their math and computer science skills in the classroom. The NHL Future Goals program has a larger mission of inspiring students to explore the STEM subjects by leveraging community visits by local NHL players. 

Campus Life

SLX - Year 2!

Fall 2017
– by Cindy Wei • Schulich Leader at University of Waterloo

The Working World

A Passion to Volunteer

Winter 2017/2018

Having an abundance of volunteer opportunities is one of the many reasons why I love Toronto.

– by Julia Won • Schulich Leader at University of Toronto

Life at Western, Take Two!

Summer 2014

The opening scene for my second year at Western University seemed to pass mere moments before the credits.

– by Gurleen Chahal • Schulich Leader at Western University

Introductions to Intersections

Summer 2014

This semester was largely an introductory one with 4 out of my 5 courses named with "Introduction to-" and as they say, the first impress

– by Jivetesh S. Chhatwal • Schulich Leader at Memorial University


Summer 2014

In my first year of high school, I pored over the University of Toronto undergraduate viewbook, fascinated by the cultural diversity and the academ

– by Emma Hansen • Schulich Leader at University of Toronto

Broadened Perspective

Summer 2014

Looking back over the winter and spring I am overwhelmed by the opportunities I've had to learn and grow.

– by Alexa McAdam • Schulich Leader at University of Manitoba

Last semester, I continued my studies,,,

Summer 2014

Last semester, I continued my studies as a civil engineering student, a life filled with enriching experiences both inside and outside th

– by Émilie-Anne Fleury • Schulich Leader at University of Ottawa

My second year at McGill has now come to a close

Summer 2014

My second year at McGill has now come to a close. It has been a very busy semester, on both the academic and extracurricular fronts.

– by Michael Kourlas • Schulich Leader at McGill University

Abundant Opportunities

Summer 2014

I have had a fantastic second semester in the faculty of engineering at the University of Manitoba.

– by Ella Thomson • Schulich Leader at University of Manitoba

So Many Opportunities!

Summer 2014

WIth second year coming to a close, it's crazy to look back and see how busy I've been this past year, but even more exhilarating to look f

– by Julie Wong • Schulich Leader at McGill University

An Amazing First Year

Spring 2014

All too quickly, my first year of university draws to an end. This past year has been nothing short of an unique learning experience for me.

– by Xiongyi Cui • Schulich Leader at University of Calgary

Summer as a Research Student

Summer 2014

Another challenging, yet extraordinary semester came to an end.

– by Armin Rouhi • Schulich Leader at University of Calgary

My freshman experience: divided but whole

Summer 2014

A couple months ago, I read an article entitled “Queen’s student wearing Queen’s jacket alerts fellow Queen’s students on Q

– by Sophia Miao • Schulich Leader at Queen's University

It's All About Connecting

Summer 2014

Going into York, I thought I had a pretty good idea of what was headed my way.

– by Yaakov Green • Schulich Leader at York University

From Winter to Spring: A Time to Think

Summer 2014

Coming back to the fair Ottawa winter after a holiday filled with the warmth of family members- old and new- despite the gruelling Saskatchewan col

– by Adesewa Oloko • Schulich Leader at University of Ottawa

An Enjoyable First Year at York

Summer 2014

My first year at York University was a challenging and gratifying experience.

– by Ben Shachar • Schulich Leader at York University

1/5 VET!!!

Summer 2014

Hi everyone,

– by Flavie-Anne Boulerice • Schulich Leader at Université de Montréal


Summer 2014

As I reflected on fall semester over winter break, I felt slightly displeased, not with the result, but with my complacency.

– by Jeff (Chi-Hung) Chen • Schulich Leader at Simon Fraser University

Playing with Microfluidics

Summer 2014

This summer, I have the awesome privilege of working on another research project in the same polymer physics lab as I did last summer.

– by Claire Preston • Schulich Leader at McMaster University

A semester full of changes...

Summer 2014

Quite amazingly, my second semester at the University of Alberta has flown by even quicker than my first.

– by Taylor Rocque • Schulich Leader at University of Alberta

From Books to Brains

Spring 2014

It’s an incredible moment really, when you finally have the opportunity to apply knowledge learned in the classroom to something meaningful,

– by Rami Saab • Schulich Leader at McMaster University

One year down!

Spring 2014

I am grateful to be a Schulich Leader. My first year at University has been surprising to me.

– by Ian Andvaag • Schulich Leader at University of Saskatchewan

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