Off-season Adventures

Profiling Schulich Leaders adventures in between full-time STEM studies

Psychology + Computer Science?

Summer 2016
From staring at beautiful prairie skies to writing sophisticated algorithms at work – this summer has been wonderful!
– by Tushita Patel • Schulich Leader at University of Saskatchewan

Mindful and Thankful

Spring 2016
– by Paul Kim • Schulich Leader at University of Victoria

Crash Landings

Spring 2016
– by Benjamin Congram • Schulich Leader at Western University

The Need for Connection

Spring 2016
– by Vivian Tsang • Schulich Leader at University of British Columbia

Off-season Adventures

Fall 2015

During Summer, I profited of the moment to do many camping expeditions. One of them was a bike camping expedition.

– by Lucas Ruel • Schulich Leader at Université de Montréal