Schulich Leader Grads: Where are they now?!

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How My Mobile Game Got 365K App Store Downloads in 2 Weeks (And Why I Quit Indie Game Dev Afterwards)

By William Kwan • Schulich Leader at University of Toronto
Fall 2017

I’m not a successful game developer.

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Adventures Since Graduating

By Regan Cross • Schulich Leader at University of Ottawa
Winter 2018

I still remember the last day of my undergraduate degree quite clearly.

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Building a Career in London’s Fintech Startup Scene

By Nicole Pitre • Schulich Leader at University of Waterloo
Winter 2018

As a recent university graduate, I experienced the typical struggle of searching for my "dream" job.

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A First Glimpse at Research

By Liam Lawrence • Schulich Leader at McMaster University
Winter 2017