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Armin Rouhi

The end of a school year: My experience as a Bioinformatics student and a Dino

Spring 2013

My first year at University of Calgary is coming to an end.

– by Armin Rouhi • Schulich Leader at University of Calgary

Run/Rock Out!

Winter 2017
– by Grace Marcoux • Schulich Leader at Memorial University

SLX - Year 2!

Fall 2017
– by Cindy Wei • Schulich Leader at University of Waterloo

From Badminton to Powerlifting

May 2017

Wow time has really flown by. It's been two years since I started my journey in Saskatoon.

– by Nimra Dar • Schulich Leader at University of Saskatchewan

The First Semester is Over

Winter 2016/2017
– by Haleema Khan • Schulich Leader at University of Toronto

Swimming against the current

Winter 2016/2017
– by Kyra Moura • Schulich Leader at Western University

A look back at SLXONTARIO & SLXBC: Connect & Inspire

September 2016

SLXONTARIO (9/16/16)