A New Generation of Educators

Spring 2015
– by Sherry Wong • Schulich Leader at York University

Controlling an atom trap at TRIUMF

Spring 2015
– by Claire Preston • Schulich Leader at McMaster University

Europe was my campus

Spring 2015
– by Terry Blaskovits • Schulich Leader at Université Laval

Introduction to the Universe

Spring 2015
– by Emily Pass • Schulich Leader at University of Waterloo

Lab Life

Spring 2015
– by Michael Gilbert • Schulich Leader at University of New Brunswick

From the Swiss mountain pastures to the Bolivan Altiplano, passing through Quebec to complete another academic year!

Spring 2015

What a relief having this third year of veterinary medicine successfully completed !  Since my return from Switzerland in August, the eve

– by Laurence Arpin • Schulich Leader at Université de Montréal

Getting used to university

Spring 2015

            My first winter semester at the University of Ottawa has been as busy as the fir

– by Charles Nellis • Schulich Leader at University of Ottawa

Learning to juggle

Spring 2015

Faster than I could blink an eye, another semester has flown by and I find myself done my first year of university.

– by Benjamin Congram • Schulich Leader at Western University

Graduation: Finishing a Chapter in My Life

Spring 2015

With my graduation date quickly approaching, I am overcome with a feeling of nostalgia as I reminisce about my past three years at the University o

– by Kimia Sheikholeslami • Schulich Leader at University of Manitoba