Carpe Diem: How Leaders Seize the Day

Winter 2015
– by Ioana Fugaru • Schulich Leader at Université Laval

Off-season Adventures

Fall 2015

During Summer, I profited of the moment to do many camping expeditions. One of them was a bike camping expedition.

– by Lucas Ruel • Schulich Leader at Université de Montréal

Musings on Leadership

Summer 2015
What does it mean to be a leader? 
– by Jonah Zankl • Schulich Leader at University of Calgary


Summer 2015
– by Aliya Khan • Schulich Leader at University of Victoria

Theory and Experiment

Summer 2015
– by Liam Lawrence • Schulich Leader at McMaster University

Schulich Leader Scholarships Proud to Celebrate #WomenInSTEM

March 2016

- Nearly 70% of recipients selected for Canada’s largest STEM. scholarship have been female - 

Overcoming Adversity to Succeed

Fall 2015

For the 2015 academic season, Schulich Leader Scholarships

Students from Smallest Towns Winning One of Canada’s Biggest Scholarships

20% of Schulich Leader Scholarship recipients hail from towns of 8,000 or less residents