2013 Newsfeed Archive

If we lived with animals, rather than exploiting them

Spring 2013

After a whole semester, I can say I really enjoy my studies in veterinary medicine.

– by Laurence Arpin • Schulich Leader at Université de Montréal
Armin Rouhi

The end of a school year: My experience as a Bioinformatics student and a Dino

Spring 2013

My first year at University of Calgary is coming to an end.

– by Armin Rouhi • Schulich Leader at University of Calgary
Lauren Atkinson

Getting into the Swing of Things

Spring 2013

This semester is definitely going a lot smoother than the first. Now I've gotten into the swing of things and it's a great time!

– by Lauren Atkinson • Schulich Leader at Dalhousie University

University is marked by change

Winter 2012

But underneath all these changes lies the opportunity to learn, to discover, and to pursue one’s passions.

– by Rami Saab • Schulich Leader at McMaster University