2013 Newsfeed Archive

Brady Hooley

I Have Been Kept Busy

Spring 2013

As one could imagine with my exams being only a mere three days away, I have been kept quite busy.

– by Brady Hooley • Schulich Leader at University of New Brunswick
Nikita-Kiran Singh

Second Semester has Exceeded my Expectations

Spring 2013

My second semester at the University of Alberta has completely exceeded my expectations!

– by Nikita-Kiran Singh • Schulich Leader at University of Alberta
Gurleen Chahal

Hello Goodbye

Spring 2013

It’s so very strange to think that somewhere beneath the mountains of purple pillows, taped up posters, framed memories, lac operon notes, and crum

– by Gurleen Chahal • Schulich Leader at Western University
Kimia Sheikholeslami

University was an Enriching Experience

Spring 2013

It astounds me that my first year of University is already over; all that is remaining are my final exams.

– by Kimia Sheikholeslami • Schulich Leader at University of Manitoba
William Kwan

My First Year of University has Almost Come to a Close

Spring 2013

After sitting through hundreds of hours of lectures and expanding my waistline by a few inches, my first year of university has almost come to a cl

– by William Kwan • Schulich Leader at University of Toronto
Lance Pitka

Term 2 of school is reaching an end very quickly!

Spring 2013

A lot of work was accomplished this semester, especially with the University of Saskatchewan Space Design Team.

– by Lance Pitka • Schulich Leader at University of Saskatchewan
Kyle Wamer

I came to U of T not for a transcript, but for an education

Spring 2013

One’s first semester in university is often an eye-opening experience.

– by Kyle Wamer • Schulich Leader at University of Toronto
Sacha Lajoie

Medicine is the Job that will Make Me Happy

Spring 2013

I am now in the second session and I am now sure that medicine is the job that will make me happy.

– by Sacha Lajoie • Schulich Leader at Université Laval
Regan Cross

This year is flying by!

Spring 2013

As I finish up my last set of midterm exams for my first year at university, I cannot believe how quickly the year has passed.

– by Regan Cross • Schulich Leader at University of Ottawa
Cassandra Elphinstone

Profound Learning Opportunities come from People and Experiences

Spring 2013

In this first year at university I have learned more than I ever imagined I would.

– by Cassandra Elphinstone • Schulich Leader at University of British Columbia