2012 Newsfeed Archive

Starting on the Road from a Student to a Scholar

Winter 2012

I admit that I still haven't gotten used to being referred to as a "University student" but I know my journey, fueled by the Schulich Leader Scholarship, has begun here at the Memorial University (MUN).

– by Jivetesh S. Chhatwal • Schulich Leader at Memorial University

Ideas Start Here

Winter 2012

With the term almost coming to an end, my experiences at the University of Waterloo have been amazing and eye-opening.

– by Nicole Shum • Schulich Leader at University of Waterloo

Seizing the Opportunities Offered by the University of Calgary

Winter 2012

My experience at the University of Calgary in the past three months has been incredible.

– by Armin Rouhi • Schulich Leader at University of Calgary

The people I have met here are amazing

Winter 2012

No one tells you that the transition from high school to university will be easy, but no one tells you how hard it is either.

– by Julia Pennell • Schulich Leader at Dalhousie University

Campus is a small city of which I am a proud citizen

Winter 2012

The first day of university had been an event of great anticipation for me.

– by Alexa McAdam • Schulich Leader at University of Manitoba

The leaves have changed with me

Winter 2012

The first few months of university have been a time of transition.

– by Jessie Russell • Schulich Leader at

Make the world a better place

Winter 2012

It’s become rather cliché to speak of “coming of age” — after all, it’s a fact of life that every person grows

– by Daniel Hu • Schulich Leader at Queen's University

Looking to the stars

Winter 2012

Libra is my Zodiac sign, the constellation visualized as weighing scales.

– by Claire Preston • Schulich Leader at McMaster University

A New Beginning

Winter 2012

My experience as a Schulich Leader at Simon Fraser University so far has been a journey that I will never forget.

– by Jeff (Chi-Hung) Chen • Schulich Leader at Simon Fraser University

Western has made my first two months of university as a Schulich Leader wonderful

Winter 2012

For the months preceding my arrival at Western University, every pamphlet and every Western alumnus with whom I had conversed repeatedly boasted ab

– by Gurleen Chahal • Schulich Leader at Western University